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Right Whale Calving Season Wrap-up Party

Join us at Artisan Village (2188 Sadler Rd) on Earth Day – Tuesday, April 22nd from 5:00-7:00 PM. Or drinks and snacks and a brief summary of where our new whale are. There will be music from Ray and Hupp and we will be working with people to create seven baby whales for kids to carry in the Shrimp Parade. There will be drinks at Florida’s smallest Bar and snacks. All are welcome. Bring your kids and we’ll teach them how to make an origami whale!

The members of AIRWAG along with some super smart friends have created a whale that we are going to enter into the Shrimp Parade on May 2. We will be looking for people to March with us and help carry the whale. It’s pretty big, but not too heavy – at least for a whale!

Thanksgiving Whale Project

Local artist and conservationist, Lauri DeGuaris has assembled a group of friends and neighbors each November to create a large right whale out of shells collected by the participants. This has been a truly magical event that includes music and a prayer for the survival of the species at the start of the calving season. Click to watch this very special film below:

AIRWAG at the Shrimp Parade!