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Members of our organization have begun to introduce right whales, and the perils that they face, into the science curriculum of local schools.

Introducing kids
to conservation!

Julie Ferreira and Mary Kramek, as members of the Amelia Island Right Whale Action Group or AIRWAG Sierra Club subcommittee, visited with Yulee Elementary 5th graders in October. The purpose was to present information about the Sierra Club and the local connection to the plight of this highly endangered whales. The Scientists of the Future Club, sponsored by teacher Rebecca Baker, watched a video about the whales produced by Harbor Branch Oceanography Institute and the Marine Resources Council. The students then participated in a whale making project utilizing STEAM or Science, Technology, Art and Math concepts to produce a pod of five adults and two juvenile NARW lightweight sculptures.  Two are displayed at the school. The other five have made appearances at the Fernandina Beach City Hall November Right Whale Proclamation Ceremony, the Right Whale Festival in Jacksonville, and the Sierra Club AIRWAG Meeting at the library. One now resides at the local NOAA offices!